We Value your Trust.​

We know it takes alot to put your trust in our busniess and we value that to the highest standard. We make sure all our employees go through an extensive training and interview process, and do backround checks on all our employees. 

About us

All made with Love and Happiness


Doing what we love, and what feels organic to us is what it's all about. We hope to continue to grow, and share our message for a cleaner green world. Invite us over for a home detox consultation, and feel the difference for yourself.

What people are saying....

Didnt know what to expect during the home detox consultation, and what I learned was priceless. loving the feel of a chemical free home.

- Alexandria Souza


Wow never believed i would see such a differnece in my overall energy just by rearranging furniture, and keeping my home clean & chemical free.​

- Andre Berger


Customer Satisfaction 


We take pride in keeping our clients happy, getting the job done right, and buliding long lasting relationships.

What we Live for...