French Lavender Linen Spray 

Spritz away in this Lovely Subtle Lavender essential oil sourced from France. perfect for Pillows Blankets Towels, and carpets  

Eucalyptus Room Spray
instantly spray your space and create your spa  

All of our oils are 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils derived and distilled from the plants. using Pure Essential oils offer an endless amount healing Aromatherapy benefits and Will give your entire space a healing magical 

scent. Our personal favorites our Eucalytpus  Lavender Rosemary Sage & lemon. 



Lavender & Rosemary Room Spray 

Lemongrass Room Spray

 AG Clean Therapy we hand formulate and make all of high quality Aromatherapy Products. 

Combining all the right natural indgredients that create the perfect Scent . After experimenting with many different natural sprays and home products, and not being totally sasitfied, we finally created ones that we absolutley love . here are our products available. Start living pure and simply and enjoy all the benefits of living free of harmful chemicals.